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By creating a personalised UAV defense program, we can protect your airspace and your privacy.

To Safely Remove ThreatsNon-Aggressive Kinetic Response

Non aggressive kinetic approach is the safest way to bring down a UAV in flight. Whilst there are many ways to bring down a UAV very few do this in a safe and secure way. With our systems the UAV is bought down safely as to protect the people and objects it is flying over. Many take down systems pose a significant risk to spectators or property.

Our best take down system uses an Interceptor which when deployed makes contact with the UAV and releases it’s counter- measures upon the UAV stopping it in flight and safely bringing it down.

Your Airspace & Your PrivacyMonitoring

Monitoring technology allows you to monitor all UAV’s entering your airspace. Our systems can be tailored to fit and monitor any airspace of any size. These systems will show how many UAV attacks or fly overs are occurring and if needed also the type of UAV.

We can implement radar monitoring systems as well as video footage monitoring depending on your needs. All systems will pick up any type of UAV within your set range, these can then be monitored manually or intelligently, they can then be left monitored or be paired with a defense system.

Identifying Vulnerabilities and UAV’s in Your AirspaceIdentification

Identification software can identify the type of UAV in flight. These systems hold extensive data on known UAV’s and can identify the type by referring back to their intelligent data base. These systems are regularly updated to include the latest UAV’s.

Our systems can also tell you when an unknown UAV has been detected as well as all known ones to the system. If needed we can also implement software that will identify the user of the UAV and the system address they are running on. We can identify UAV’s running off of WiFi as well as those which do not.

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UAV DEFENSE prides itself in being the leading UAV defense provider. We strive on working with the most up to date technology and most effective systems from around the world to ensure we stay at the top of the defense market.

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